Birth A New

Welcome to this opportune New Moon at 18°01’ of Cancer on Saturday, 10th of July 2021 at 11:16am AEST.

A New Moon is the beginning of a lunar cycle, whereby the Sun Moon are in alignment before the moon begins its journey transiting through the ecliptic to meet with the Sun again in the next Zodiac Sign. This initial phase is a new start, and thus the perfect time for you to embark on new beginnings and set goals for what is to come in this upcoming 28-day cycle. To further add to the potency of your goals and create solid foundations for your new beginnings it is vital that you connect with the astrological energies in play, and in this case the energy of Cancer.

With the great luminous orb beginning its cycle in the sign that is it at home in, this lunation is the perfect time to for you (both men and women) to unite with your femininity, connect with the maternal nurturing energies within, rebuild or modify familial relationships, establish healthy boundaries on the home front and to birth anew within your domestic shell.

This New Moon is also asking for you to come out of your shell, to show your worth, to advocate for yourself and to highlight to the world what you are providing in the burrows of your home.

Connect with the waters within your spiritual body, offer the physical body sustenance that it is asking for, balance the ebbs and flows of the emotional body with mindfulness and alchemise any dis ease with a gentle health regime.

- Invoke nurturing energies with Nurturing Parent Collection of Crystals

- Hold space for the knowing that there are new cycles to begin

- Nourish your body with Alkaline Water & Ceremonial Cacao

- Meditate on all that has gone and no longer serves you

- Release the old with Create Space Cleansing Collection

- Connect with this Lunar Cycle with Moonstone

- Balance Chakras with our Chakra Kit

- Open your Heart with Rose Quartz

- Journal your goals

With love and endless blessings from our family to yours,

Creative Collections Co

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