If you build it, they will come

Let the waters move you as you plunge into the depths of your psyche. Allow what no longer serves you bubble to the surface. And, uncover the chest of dreams that you threw overboard in pursuit of acceptance.

At 9:54am AEST on Tuesday the 21st of September 2021, the Sun at 28° Virgo will oppose and illuminate the Moon at the end of the Zodiac wheel in Pisces.

The watery sign of Pisces is sensitive and intuitive, spiritual and empathetic, highly creative and intrinsically empathetic. It is the sign of the ether and thus, it bridges our physical reality to the cosmos, serving as a medium-ship to the divine.

As the astrological wheel begins at 0° Aries and ends at the anaretic and 29° of Pisces, this moon brings with it a culmination. A release and resetting to create space for renewal in the next full lunation later next month in the cardinal sign of Aries. With this ending, there is space for birthing a new beginning and as all full moons are a time of letting go the potency and poignantcy this full moon is further heightened by both the culminations and the connections.

The Harvest Full Moon is traditionally a time of yielding a return from the Summer crop before the first leaf of autumn falls in the northern hemisphere, but no matter where you are in the world, this is the period of cultivating and culminating the fields of dreams we planted during the New Moon in Pisces earlier this year.

This full moon, as with all peak lunations on the Pisces Aries angle, is also a marking of the equinox, Where time is merely an illusion and all life is in balance..

‘If you build it, they will come’ is the phrase that synergises and synthesises the Pisces Virgo Axis.

The loose yet illuminated conjunction of the Full Moons mystical and magical ruler, Neptune in its home sign calling us to take this leap of faith. It is in the murky waters that the magic happens. It is in the unknowing that we forge the deepest of connection. It is here with zero visibility, that we must trust in our inner guidance and allow our innate intuition to light the path forward. For life truly is all about the journey.

Joy is the new normal and it is time you release and reawaken to your dreams with the wonderful energies of this planetary alignment.

To most eloquently capture the energy of this lunation

- Connect with your sixth sense, open your third eye chakra

- Dance its out, move your body to the beauty and creativity of music - Embrace your emotions (without judgement!), they are your inner guidance system

- Unearth the seeds you planted at the time of the New Moon in Pisces earlier this year - Rest, replenish, and reconnect your mind, body and spirit, drink plenty of water and honour your temple

- Connect with the female figures in your life whilst honouring the balance of feminine and masculine

- Cleanse and clear your space with our Elemental Cleansing Collection

- & last but certainly not least, open up and just let joy lead you.

As this full moon is at 28° those with planets in both mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), you will feel this full moon pretty intensely, take a walk by the waters edge, to escape reality whilst grounding yourself in the vitality of your physical body

With love and endless blessings from our family to yours.

Creative Collections Co


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