Come out of your shell and show your magic

Rise and shine the caring and comfortable, shy and sensitive Sun in Cancer

Happy birthday to you!

CANCER 21st of June - to 22nd of July

Element - Water Attuned to the waves of emotions, you sense the intangible.

Polarity - Yin Feminine intuitive and negative polarity, you radiate inwardly, drawing people and experiences to you.

Quality - Cardinal You incarnate at the beginning of a season. You are a natural born leader, assertive and action orientated, taking the lead you initiate.

Totem - Crab Carrying their home on their back the Cancerian Crab concentrates on both security and protection. Focused on none other than the feeling of movement around them, the crab is in tune with the synchronicities of the waves, just as a cancer is in tune with the ebbs and flows of their ever changing tidal emotions. Not one to rush things, the totem of Cancerian is accustomed to the seasons of life.

Ruler - Moon The planet of the divine feminine, the moon is associated with cyclic changes, the mother and the inner child, our emotional instincts and unconscious actions.

House - Fourth What you feel. Your family and your home. The fourth house is the nurturing space to which rules our relationship with family, our closest of bonds and our home life. It is our deep emotional core, the roots of where we are from and our genetic make up seen through ancestors and behavioral inheritance. Body Part - Breasts and Stomach The womb of reproduction, the breasts of nourishment, the stomach of the home, Cancer rules over the organs associated with creating a family and feeling safe. Cancerians may have digestion issues in their life if they do not allow the ebbs and flows of their emotions and thus life, or if they are strained in a relationship of any kind. It is also imperative for both men and women born under the Sun in Cancer to monitor any changes or abnormalities in their breasts and pectoral muscles. Chakra - Sacral The ultimate creative force needs to be mobilised through dance, intimacy and creativity. Let the juices flow and awaken your inner serpent for your life force energy is awakened by moving those hips baby!

Sacred Stone - Selenite & Moonstone Said to enhance intuition, promote healthy digestion and offer good fortune moonstone gives off a nurturing energy that is so deeply intune with the lunar cycles that it is advised not to use during a New and Full Moon, but particularly on a Lunar Eclipse. energy of their ruler. It is at this time that Selenite is the hero for the ever changing emotional nature of a Cancerian needs the calming and cleansing. When their negative energies that build up over an exhaustible period need transmuting and their spirit needs recharging Selenite is the key.

Clothing - Match the Mood The mother of the zodiac, Cancers are well suited to traditional looks of florals or jeans and a basic tee, or even super vintage styles. Though when they dress to their moon, they truly can pull anything off.

Frequency - 19.45 hz The beta wave frequency is all consuming and all calming, helping you to balance your emotions.

Self Care - Home, Family, Food, Fire A dinner party at home with your nearest and dearest sharing food and being present. As simple as this sounds its an absolute luxury for any Cancerian, but vital nonetheless. Sit in good company, indulge in the finer foods, listen to the sound waves of empowering music and and allow the digestive juices to absorb the joyful atmosphere that surrounds you, as connect with the positive emotions of others and release your worries by sharing with your family. Balancing your water energy with fire is also very therapeutic for you, whether it be a bonfire, Bikram yoga or a saucy salsa.

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With love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours Tiarn Gregson

Creative Collections Company

With love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours Tiarn Gregson

Creative Collections Co

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