Connect and Communicate with the Twins

Updated: May 18, 2021

Rise and shine the fun and flirtatious, witty and wired, intellectual and intuitive Sun in Gemini

Happy birthday to you!

GEMINI 21st of May - to - 20th of June

Element - Air Intellectual and communicative, analytical and oh so curious.

Polarity - Yang Masculine and positive polarity, you radiate outwardly and move forward with a fearless spirit.

Quality - Mutable You incarnate at the end of one season and usher in another. You are versatile, adaptable, and ever changing.

Totem - Twins Symbolic of the duality between the divine universal mind, and the conscious mind, the Twins represent a Geminis the union between differences, the tension of opposing forces and an endless tug of war if you will. Intellectual and intuitive, Jekyll and Hyde, loving and distant, these folks are known to have two different personalities, due to the restless nature of their ruling planet.

Ruler - Mercury The planet of speaking and thinking, reasoning and rationality, adaptability and variability Mercury rules over mental stimulation and communication.

House - Third What you think. How you communicate. The third house defines your close relationships, you neighbours and your community, your siblings, and your peers, it is the house of communications and short distance travel and is the foundation of your intellect, your expression and your surroundings. Body Part - Lungs, Shoulders, Hands and Nervous System The body parts that come in pairs. The respiratory system provides us with this signs foundational element of air and calms the ever so active mind of the Gemini, the nervous system is regulated by our breathing and the pairings of the hands and shoulders lend themselves to the twins multi tasking capabilities. Prone to nervous tension, anxiety, pain in the upper body and carpel tunnel syndrome, Gemini, take the time to connect with the breath and stretch the myofascial muscles in your upper body. Yoga is the ultimate exercise for you. Chakra - Throat & Sacral Communicate, far and wide, speak your truth and take the time to listen, but also connect with your sexual energies, calm he vagus nerve and connect with your innermost needs and desires.

Sacred Stone - Citrine A good luck charm for the self confident, oh so positive and vibrantly energetic Gemini, Citrine helps you move effortlessly through life promoting your optimistic outlook. The beautiful colour of this stone further connects you to your Sacral chakra, along with your light and airy element. Opt for double terminated citrine for the duality and diversity.

Clothing - Bold and Bright, Fun and Flirty Your oh so sunny disposition shines brighter in bold, fun colours and. Contrast and compliment, you can pull anything off.

Frequency - 141.27 hz The frequency of ruling planet mercury and theta waves stimulate your mental energies, connect you with your abilities to problem solve and help you to better communicate.

Self Care - Communicate, Socialise and Coordinate your Mental & Physical abilities Gemini is light and airy, ever moving and constantly absorbing information both intuitively and intellectually. Let the light in and open your space to allow air to flow freely, go for a ride and feel the freedom of the wind in your hair and breathe deep, connect with your Air Element to prevent feelings of restraint. True to its ruler, the sign of Gemini need to communicate, whether a one on one conversation discussing your diverse and deep knowledge of all things or witty banter in a large social gathering, get out and spread the word. Geminis get bursts of energy, often! Connect your mind with the body parts that come in pairs whilst further engaging your love of social interactions by getting involved in team sports like basketball or volleyball. On a more intimate level, Yoga is also incredibly healing for you.

With love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours Tiarn Gregson

Creative Collections Co

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