Crystal Power

To you, beautiful soul,

Crystals, we love them, we appreciate their beauty, we marvel at their creation and we can literally feel their power, but how do we amplify their energy to see our manifestations become a reality?

First, let’s talk science. Like everything, crystals are made of atoms, and to reminisce to the days at the back, though I was really at the front, of science class, atoms are protons, neurons and electrons, or essentially charged particles. In crystals though, these atoms are arranged in what is known as a regular way, meaning that the crystal has an internal order or pattern, A geometric pattern. I can hear you thinking.. how is it, that something the earth made can organise itself in a way that I struggled to draw in grade 10? The answer, everything that is energy is connected by a natural geometric structure, invisible to the human eye. Physicists the world around, have proven, science has proven, that everything, every, single, thing, that receives or emits energy is connected, and that connection is geometry,

Sacred Geometric Grids are the tool, they will magnify the power of your crystals because they are formed by geometric patterns. They will amp up your connection with source, faster than 5G, 6G or even pulling G’s, the G in Geometry is the fastest connection to source energy. The most widely used crystal grid is the Flower of Life. This stunning image of overlapping circles interconnect and create a harmonic display of many flowers. The flower of life is said to be the blueprint for all life. The interconnectedness and harmony within this sacred symbol depicts how everything life is connected to a single source, the first dot in the centre, the seed of life. Hence to say the connection with source is Geometrically amplified when using a grid. The Flower of Life Crystal Grid will amplify the energy of your crystals to see your manifestations become a reality,

You can harness the Sacred Geometric Power of Crystals for

Balance Focus Stone: Clear Quartz Pyramid with Pathway stones: Clear Quartz and Healing stones: Shattakite crystals

Creativity Focus Stone Amethyst Egg with Pathway stones Clear Quartz Points and Healing stones Charoite Crystals

Growth Focus Stone Clear Quartz sphere with Healing stones Aventurine & Fuchsite

Joy Focus Stone Clear Quartz Sphere with Pathway stones Clear Quartz Points and Healing stones Carnelian Crystals

Success Focus Stone Clear Quartz Generator with Pathway stones Clear Quartz Points and Healing stones Pyrite Crystals

So, create space, savour the magic of self, and open your heart to the frequency of divine energy.

With Love, peace, and endless blessings T x

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