To you, beautiful soul,

We are two weeks out from a rare phenomenon, a blue moon, and before we get into the detail of such an exciting event and overwhelm with Astrological jargon here is a few brief descriptions to help put things into context.

Blue Moon: Occurring once every two years, or so, a blue moon is when there are two full moons in a single month. The term ‘once in a blue moon was coined due to the infrequency of such an event.

Halloween The ancient Celts believed that on the 31st of October, the veil that divides us with the ‘other side’ is at its thinnest. The Pagans also believed such, they celebrated this occasion by dressing in masked disguises and costumes to blend with spirits coming through on All Hallows Eve, or as we now know as Halloween. Many that are open to the energies ancestors and entities of others will experience an array of paranormal activity, together with fatigue symptoms. :Remember to protect your energy each and every day by invoking Archangel Michael, Spirit or whomever resonates with you.

Full Moon The Sun is currently Scorpio, the opposite sign to Taurus thus, it will illuminate our moon to create a beautiful glowing circle in the sky. The moon rules the sign of Cancer, the ultimate feminine and nurturing energy of the zodiac, so you will see that I refer to the moon as her and she. Cancerian energy is in the fourth house of the astrological wheel. The fourth house is the sacred space of home and family,

Exalted An exaltation gives and exaggerated strength to a planet, allowing it to achieve its highest expression and potential

Okay so now that’s out of the way, lets get into the detail to help you get the most out of this magnificent, divine and oh so powerful energy.

On Saturday, 31st of October 2020 the “great luminous orb that controls our tides extract from Divine Feminine Cancer Print’, will bless us with her sacred feminine energy in the sensual sign of Taurus.. The Full, Blue, Halloween moon is exalted in Taurus so the magnification of its energy is !Off. The. Charts!. The Kundalini, root chakra power of Taurus together with the nurturing energy of the Moon will see us birth a productive life in the material world. But as with everything, we need to achieve balance, and to do so in this instance we are being asked to transform internal world, by invoking Scorpios spirituality and the profound energy that surrounds Halloween.

The presence of the Moon in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus highlights our need create, to nurture and form a strong foundation of emotional stability and inner calm.

To harness her true power, we need to examine the energies that are at play, Taurus and Scorpio. Opposites that harmoniously attract. Taurus and Scorpio both have fixed qualities, offering strength, determination, and reliability, they also have the added connection of Yin polarity, giving an internal energy and innate intuition. So, in short this Full Blue Halloween Scorpio illuminated Moon in Taurus gives us the gusto to drive and dive within as it is there we will find the comfort we seek, an inner child to nurture and a connection to all that is, energy. As within, so without, As above so below. We can also harness the Lunar healing power by

Pleasure spoil yourself with a crystal necklace to honour your Taurus ruled throat and feminine neckline Detox cleanse your sacred space, your home and your body cleaning your home with an environmentally friendly chamois cloth is a perfect way to honour the moons energy and our home planet Stimulate Senses diffuse Taurus’s gentle and fragrant scent of Jasmine in your home get a chiropractor adjustment or massage to allow the moon ruled water that makes up 60% of our body to flow effortlessly and create a healing environment Nurture see nature flourish first hand by connecting with Taurean element of Earth and plant your own produce Honour respect the earths beauty by holding its healing energetic compounds, crystals. Venusian stone Rose Quartz harnesses the power of love Green Moss Agate offers a grounding and nurturing energy creating a sense of calm and security Ground be present in the gift of nature, plant your feet firmly on the earth that supports us spend some time by the water with the energy of the moon pulling the tides, it will also create equilibrium in your body

So, slip into something silky, step out in nature and bask in the magic of the moon and open your heart to the frequency of divine energy.

With Love, peace, and endless blessings T x

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