Honour and harmonise with Libra

Rise and shine the fickle and fair, fun and oh so fabulous Sun in Libra.

Happy birthday to you!

LIBRA 23rd of September - to - 22nd of October

Element - Air Intellectual and communicative, analytical and oh so curious.

Polarity - Yin Feminine intuitive and negative polarity, you radiate inwardly, drawing people and experiences to you.

Quality - Cardinal You incarnate at the beginning of a season. You are a natural born leader, assertive and action orientated, taking the lead you initiate.

Totem - Scales Showcasing symmetry of light and dark, the Sun enters Libra when there is a balance of day and night during the Autumn and Spring equinox, the scales represent harmony and equilibrium. The scales are the only inanimate object of the zodiac, highlighting the material energies of Libra.

Ruler - Venus The planet of beauty and love, harmony and balance, material gains and sensual graces, Venus is the natural ruler of feminine energy and fertility.

House - Seventh Partnerships. The seventh house defines the legal binding partnerships in love and business relationships. Offering insight into what attract into your life through marriage, partnerships and co parenting, whilst also enlightening you to the true undercurrents of the self.

Body Part - Kidneys The Kidneys are the organs of vitality and inner harmony, purifying our physical bodies and ridding them of waste and the foundation of Libra is to bring peace and create balance in the world. The symbolism of this synchronicity illuminates how a Libran has the potential to fall ill if they are living out of balance with their inner compass. It is imperative for Libra to drink plenty of water and be conscious of imbalances within their life.

Sacred Stone - Clear Quartz The master amplifier, the clear quartz crystals universal crystal of balance. With the ability to absorb, regulate and release energy clear quartz empowers the natural energies of Libra whilst banishing indecisiveness.

Clothing - Pleasing With a strong desire to impress, your cool, calm and collected vibe is further illustrated by the clothes that you wear. Light, free and airy, the subtle tones of sky blue, soft creams and luminous whites are the go to palette for Libra

Self Care - Seek Solace & Socialise Ever shifting, ever syncing and ever socialising, Librans have the tendency to spin themselves out of balance and must create space for solace. Whether it be documenting your emotions to find harmony within, riding through nature with the wind in your face or learning the art of Tai Chi, it is vital for your equilibrium to reclaim your life force by finding peace within.

With love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours Tiarn Gregson

Creative Collections Co

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