Journey inward with the Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn

Welcome to a timely lunar event,

At 4:29am on Friday, 25th of June 2021 AEST we will see the Sun in Cancer fully illuminate the moon that will be positioned at 3° of Capricorn.

As with any full moon we will find balance and create harmony in our lives by illuminating the opposing forces and releasing all that no longer serves us.

This lunation brings a culmination of the events that have unfolded since the New Moon Solar Eclipse that occurred at 3° of Capricorn eighteen months ago, on the 26th of December 2019. This Full moon is an awakening to our intuitions, I say to our intuitions as opposed to for our intuition, because of the very fact that our intuitions have been hidden and overridden for eras. It is also an illumination of what has taken place in all the governments and the structures that the sign of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn regulates and controls.

With the help and the honouring of own guidance systems, and our Cancerian intuition we are being invited to discover and uncover the corruption or disruption, pandemic or plandemic (trust your inner guidance system here) of what Capricornia systems have been put in place since this time.

The Sun in Cancer in turn is also highlighting what internal references we hold, asking us to trust our feelings, honour subtle spiritual body, take note of our instinctual actions, and nurture the very sustenance that has been taken away or suppressed since the dawn of the Age of Capricorn and more specifically since the Pluto Jupiter, Saturn and South Node Conjunction in Capricorn in January 2020.

There has been plague of devoid to our connection with our inner selves and spirituality due to the patriarchal matriarchal governing systems that have deprived us through distraction, corruption, and control. That of which has kept us distant from our true and most intimate, soulful(filled) selves for eons. It is now time to reconnect with our homes and our temples reunite with our families and ancestors through honouring our inner guidance systems with unconditional love and the utmost vibration of harmony to one another. We are being called to organise beyond governmental structures honour the interconnected nature that we all share beyond the division of belief systems, governing bodies, sexism, racism, partialism.

This sun effortlessly trining the Jupiter retrograding in Pisces and the sun harmonically sextiling this arrangement is inviting us to put our faith in to the unknown, to what feels right and to our intuition. While Venus in Cancer is asking us to let love lead the way, as we lose our minds and come to our senses, the trine to Neptune is creating a fog if you will that is calling on us to relish in the emotional body for it helping to dismantle the disarray our external ‘noise’ and reroute us to the salvation, within.

Mars in Leo is also compounding this reconnection with our inner self by connecting with the rebellious archetype of Uranus leading to the breaking free of restraints that have been put on us and that we ourselves have inflicted.

Furthermore, with the calendar year beginning and ending in the ambitious, disciplined and pragmatic sign of Capricorn which rules over the tenth house of work and public persona, this full moon also brings a beneficial time of reflection and redirection. The Sun positioned in the home and family fourth house sign of at 3° Cancer is illuminating the Capricorn energies to remind us of what we wanted back in January, what our resolutions were and to help us see how far we have come toward achieving such goals and thus ensuring a successful finish to the year.

Do not allow these words to frail you, but rather empower and as we enter the year of 2022 your Capricornian hard work, perseverance and ambition towards the inner matters and dealings of Cancer ruled intuition and inner healing will see you lift the veil on a more empowered purposeful and joy filled life connected with self.

With love and endless blessings from our family to yours.

Creative Collections Co


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