Find the Fun in Life with Leo

Rise and shine the generous, and gregarious, magnanimous, and magnificent Sun in Leo.

Happy birthday to you!

LEO 23rd of July - to - 22nd of August

Element - Fire Radiating light and life force energy, you shine bold and bright

Polarity - Yang Masculine and positive polarity, you radiate outwardly and move forward with a fearless spirit.

Quality - Fixed You incarnate in an established season. You are reliable, stubborn, and consistent.

Totem - Lion Generous and gregarious, magnanimous and magnificent, warm and welcoming, the Lion represents the royal spirit of the Leo. The ruler of their kingdom and the king of their jungle, Leos take canter stage for it is in the limelight that they come alive, At a low vibration the Leo can be a wild cat; secretive and independent, aloof and oh so aggressive.

Ruler - Sun This solar ruler radiates warmth and positivity, brings light to create life and highlights our egoic selves. The Sun also represents our conscious mind and who we should aspire to be at the most basic of principles. True to their ruler, Leos feel that they are the centre of our universe.

House - Fifth What you create. The fifth house is the is the creative space where we have fun, we play and we explore. It sees over the conception of our first child and shows how we experience the joy in life, from entertainment to romance. We test life in the fifth house to move forward into our marriages, our daily commitments, and our careers, thus it is here that we find flings and fun, society and social interactions.

Body Part - Heart and Spine Leos have the heart of a lion. Their heart is warm and pure, brave and good and though their confidence seems impenetrable, their heart is fragile and emotional turmoil takes its toll on these loving creatures. The spine is also ruled by Leo. The nimble flexibility of these wild and resilient felines lends itself to their good posture, coordination and life force energy. Also, the spine is said to be the pathway of the Kundalini or vital energy within the human body which highlights the sheer light that shines from within these energetic and exuberant beings.

Chakra - Heart The expansive effluent energy within the heart chakra is most vulnerable for the Leo and thus requires protection and strengthening. Connecting with the colour green, honouring ones emotions and feeling the Prana within is highly beneficial for every Lion.

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Sacred Stone - Sunstone Embodying the expansive energy of the solar ruler, Sunstone is an uplifting joy filled stone that banishes fears and releases insecurities, whilst aiding the beholder to rise and shine in leadership roles is the ultimate crystal for Leo’s.

Clothing - Take Center Stage A lover of luxury and dominant in the dramatics you can pull of the most flamboyant of styles. Favouring bold colours and outfits that command attention you are destined to be lavished in the finest of jewels and textures fit for royalty.

Frequency - 314 hz This frequency is all consuming and all calming, helping you to balance your emotions.

Self Care - Entertain, Move & Have Fun A natural flair for the dramatic and yearning to be adored you, dear Lion or Lioness were born to take centre stage, whether that be entertaining at home with close friends and family, testing out the mic at an event or moving to the beat of your own drum on the dance floor, there is so much to be said and healed when a Leo is in the limelight. With fire as your elemental ruler, you have an expendable energy that needs an outlet, so moving your body, connecting with your coordination and having fun in any activity that sees you come out on top and strokes your huge ego in all the right place. You also have an affinity to charm and connect with kids and their inner child, so in every aspect of your life, embrace and nurture your child like nature.

With love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours Tiarn Gregson

Creative Collections Co

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