Reflection for Prospection

(Exaggerated exhale)

Welcome to the final Eclipse on the Sagittarius Gemini Axis. Welcome to the closing of an era, whereby you have experienced a karmic shedding of dogmatic beliefs to bring about new and expansive philosophies.

Welcome to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

Reaching its peak 5:33pm AEST on the 4th of December 2021 our Moon will meet to pass the Sun at 12° of Mutable Fire sign Sagittarius to cover the southern regions of our hemisphere in darkness.

This Solar Eclipse is a final checking point before we reach the full transformation of our beliefs and ideals, our views and philosophies, our communications and interactions. This is the final shake up and an opportune time to reflect on the past to generate a better perspective prior to closing the book on a chapter that began at the first eclipse on this axis back in May of 2020.

An eclipse occurs when our luminaries align with the lunar nodes on the ecliptic. They are powerful events that set up themes for the next six months to nine years, (which is when the next solar eclipse in Sagittarius will occur and when the nodes are in their current signs but reversed). It is an energy of epic proportions and for those that have a planet (especially the sun, moon, rising or chart ruler) or on an angel (ascendent descendant axis, or imuni coeli midheaven axis) from 7° to 17° of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

Solar Eclipses affect us all, but most predominately the ‘Solar’ entities or governing bodies here on earth. With the spotlight on the Royals, the Presidents and other larger figures, the solar eclipse gives us mere mortals the space to reflect and the space create so that we can fully, hearken the new connections we are going to make and the exciting new paths that we are going to take. However, as the status seeking sun connects with the security searching moon, we are also gifted solace to peel back our layers of our inner sanctuary and unveil the truth behind our intentions. For it is understanding what fuels us that we are catapulted down the road less travelled and oh so much closer to our dreams.

"Initiate the change, trust in your power, let blind faith lead you, and honour the unfolding as you metamorphosis into your new"

With the Ruler of this karmic celestial event, Jupiter, is making his way through the final degrees of Aquarius prior ingressing back into Pisces for the second time this year on the 28th of December. Loosely squaring this new moon, Jupiter will not only be magnifying our pioneering spirit on the pursuit of the weird and wonderful things that sets our heart alight, but enhancing our desire to shift on to this new trajectory. Also, be aware Jupiter’s harsh connection with Mars is inviting us to put on rose coloured glasses, though now is not the time to do so.

Mercury, the ruler of the north nodes placement, is contacting the south node and creating a stellium with our moon and of course the sun. This increasing our need to not only communicate with others but also higher frequencies, the divine. At fall in Sagittarius, we will struggle opening up to these probing and seemingly foreign conversations, but when we do, they will be expansive, life altering and soul aligning.

"Create space for reflection to generate a clear prospection"

The phenomenal energy of this Solar Eclipse will open up anew for each of us, and the house that this eclipse is playing out in for you will shed a light on how it will unfold for you, nevertheless it will have the Sagittarius associations of higher-minded principles.

Venus, is slowing down to begin her period of retrograde in the earth sign of Capricorn. It is in this space where she will connect with Pluto, the plant of Transformation and begin breaking down the material structures that society have created (banks, watch this space).

Initiate the change, trust in your power, let blind faith lead you, and honour the unfolding as you metamorphosis into your new, fun loving free spirited self, flying toward your divine soulful path.

In the meantime, create space for reflection to generate a clear prospection.

With love and blessings from our family to yours,

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