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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

SCORPIO 23rd of October - to - 21st of November

Element - Water Attuned to the waves of emotions, you sense the intangible

Polarity - Yin Feminine intuitive and negative polarity, you radiate inwardly, drawing people and experiences to you.

Quality - Fixed You incarnate in an established season. You are reliable, stubborn and consistent Totem - Scorpion, Eagle & Phoenix Scorpio at a low level of self-awareness, you are ruled by your intense emotions and may wish harm upon others Eagle aware of your powers and ruled by intellect you become self-focused and controlled, though you may still swoop when provoked Phoenix self-actualised you are ruled by your true mystical powers through compassion and spreading peace and love. Ruler - Pluto The slowest to orbit the sun this planet is transformative, regenerative and the epitome of death and rebirth, Sacred Stone - Tigers Eye The all seeing eye helps invoke your power, spirituality and innate intuition whilst repelling negative energies away from your beautifully sensitive soul.

Rise and shine the magnetic, compelling and oh so addictive .Scorpio Sun.

The mystery in your eyes, your innate physic ability, and your powerful aura, oh you are divine.

You are my favourite sign and my first baby’s star sign, Wise and highly intuitive, you are profoundly perceptive, a calibre of your own. Born at a time that the veil to the other side is at it thinnest, you are highly spiritual, with incredible insight. You penetrate emotional, physical, and psychic realms, to unearth truths that lurk beneath the surface. On a journey of purification dear Scorpio child, you experience death and rebirth throughout your life and your planetary ruler lends itself to such incredible transformation. At your highest form, you embody the phoenix totem, rising from the ashes to birth a more glorious version of yourself. Still waters run deep, and you are no exception, feeling everything at untouchable depths. You are intense, passionate, and so damn irresistible. With an air of mystery and a grounding warmth, you truly are a perfection. Appreciated for your forgiving soul, admired for your empathy, and envied for your strength, you are the ultimate manifestation of life. Happy birthday to you!

With Love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours

T x

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