Pioneer a new path dear Aries

Rise and shine the impulsive, innovative and all inspiring Sun in Aries

Happy birthday to you!

ARIES 21st of March - 19th of April

Element - Fire Radiating light and life force energy, you shine bold and bright

Polarity - Yang Masculine and positive polarity, you radiate outwardly and move forward with a fearless spirit.

Quality - Cardinal You incarnate at the beginning of a season. You are a natural born leader, assertive and action orientated, taking the lead you initiate.

Totem - Ram Taking the lead and charging full throttle the Ram represents your ability to push through and break down barriers. Impulsive, innovative and all inspiring you forge ahead, overcoming obstacles and pioneering new path. At your highest manifestation, you represent Divinity in existence

Ruler - Mars The red planet of fiery passion, Mars is the natural ruler of energy and drive, motivation and perseverance,

House - First You. It defines your general temperament and your appearance, your self-image, and your sense of self, it is the foundation of your existence and suit of armour you put on as you enter this world.

Body Part - Brain, Eyes, Face and Head The brain initiates the plan, the eyes see their goal and the head charges forward overcoming all obstacles in its path. Aries are robust yet prone to sinus pressure, head injuries and migraines.

Sacred Stone - Snow Quartz The universal crystal of power, the quartz crystal brings a calmness to your uber passionate and extremely ambitious nature. Its soft feminine energy allows you to move at a slower pace, offering space to consider others and be more empathetic.

Clothing - Bold and Daring As the pioneer of the zodiac, you are the ultimate trend setter. Hats, scarves, beanies, and hair accessories emphasise your greatest asset, whilst, bold reds, daring prints and structured clothing compliment your athletic allure.

Self Care - Get Active Whether it be an extreme sport, an adventurous ride, or an incredibly fast run, you have an undying charge of energy that is in dire need of an outlet, so get active move that beautiful body. You give 110% at everything you do, so also take the time to relax and unwind with the movement and meditation of Yoga.

With love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours Tiarn Gregson

Creative Collections Co

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