Sensual and Soothing, Self Reliant and Steadfast, She is Taurus

Rise and shine the sensual and soothing, self-reliant and steadfast Sun in Taurus

Happy birthday to you!

TAURUS 20th of April - to - 20th of May

Element - Earth Grounded, you are connected to that of which is practical and material.

Polarity - Yin Feminine intuitive and negative polarity, you radiate inwardly, drawing people and experiences to you.

Quality - Fixed You incarnate in an established season. You are reliable, stubborn, and consistent.

Totem - Bull Solid and strong, persistent, and patient, fertility and virility. The Bull represents a Taureans ability to pull a heavy load, lending a hand to serve and sacrificing oneself for the betterment of all. Esoterically, the Bull is related to the emotional world of the soul, being the steadfast guiding light of humanity and connecting to the spirit to matter.

Ruler - Venus The planet of beauty and love, harmony and balance, material gains and sensual graces, Venus is the natural ruler of feminine energy and fertility.

House - Second What we possess. Your personal finances and material possessions, your self esteem and what you perceive as valuable.

Body Part - Ears, Neck and Cerebellum The Cerebellum lends itself to controlling movement and coordination along with balance, the Neck is responsible for housing and protecting the Vocal Cords and Throat Chakra and ones Ears enable the effortless flow of communication offering space for reflection and inward collection, Taurus take some time to heal when overcome with illness. They are prone to blockages of the ears, infections of the tonsils and soreness in the shoulders, neck, and throat when they are not in sync with their innermost desires.

Chakra - Throat Openly express your thoughts and emotions with love. Protect the neck with a Scarf in Winter and activate this space through soothing vocal activities like humming and singing.

Sacred Stone - Emerald A heart activator and healer, Emerald nourishes the aura, protects from dis-ease and opens pathways of divine love and prosperity. The green colour of Emerald connects Taurus to the heart chakra whilst allowing the material gift of money to flow effortlessly towards one, without attachment or possessiveness (which Taureans are famous for) and is symbolic of the greenery connected to the earthy element.

Clothing - Earthy colours and natural textiles, flattering fits and floral finishes As a lover of luxury and an appreciator of quality, you are drawn to timeless pieces that connect your element and satisfy your endowed figure. Cashmere scarfs add style and pleasure your most sensitive asset whist tones of green and brown connect your earthly element.

Self Care - Mother earth, stimulating the senses and creativity Taurus’s element is Earth; therefore all her charge comes from a bond with the great outdoors. A walk with nature, a routine that involves outdoor exercise and connecting with the ultimate mother through gardening and planting seeds will restore vitality, inspiration, and strength to this bull. True to its ruler, the sign of Taurus needs the senses stimulated, whether it be through a nutritious, flavoursome, and comforting meal, an indulgent aromatic glass of wine or coffee, the scent of an elegant aroma or a deeply connecting physical experience such as a sensual massage or sensual loving and deeply bonding sex. Taureans also need to create. Governed by the planet of fertility and finesse, and connected to the element of earth, creativity lends itself to sewing seeds and birthing new life.

With love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours Tiarn Gregson

Creative Collections Co

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