Shoot & Score Dear Archer

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

SAGITTARIUS 22nd of November- to - 21st of December

Element - Fire Radiating light and life force energy, you shine bold and bright

Polarity - Yang Masculine and positive polarity, you radiate outwardly and move forward with a fearless spirit.

Quality - Mutable You incarnate at the end of a season. You are versatile, adaptable, and ever changing Totem - Centaur, Archer Half man, half horse, you straddle the urges of animal instincts with the higher realms of philosophy and wisdom. Your spirit is free and wild. Ruler - Jupiter The planet of expansion offers abundance, wisdom, higher ideals, integrity, and blessings in all forms Sacred Stone - Bronzite The protective stone for warriors, like yourself provides harmony. It grounds you to the natural rhythm of the universe (no matter your geographic location).

Rise and shine the radiant, happy go lucky, sun in Sagittarius,

You are infectious, bold and oh so full of life. Leaving others in awe of your boundless positive energy and your open, brilliant mind. You dazzle, delight and deliver. The eternal optimist, the wild child, the free spirit. Your curious nature and adventurous soul lead you down the road less travelled, for it is there that you come alive. Leaving no stone unturned, you venture through life, delving deep into philosophies, and uncovering truths. The teacher of the zodiac, you collect knowledge and you share wisdoms.. Effortlessly inspiring, you are my first baby’s moon sign. Though embody a handful of your Jupitarian traits, but darling, I will never come close to your ambition, creativity and worldliness. You have an air about you, The X Factor. There is a special something that us mere mortals can never quite grasp, let alone begin to understand. Shoot to score and score you will. You are blessed by your expansive ruler, for he is the King of the Gods, so the odds are ever in your favour dear Archer. Extroverted, enthusiastic and exuding exuberance you are effortlessly extraordinary dear archer.

Happy birthday to you!

With Love, peace, and endless blessings from our family to yours T x

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