Transform and Rebirth

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We are hours away from a powerfully transformational astrological event and before I overwhelm with Astrological jargon here is a few brief descriptions to help put things into context;

Super Moon: A super moon occurs when a full moon and new moon is within 90% of perigee. Which essentially means that it is closer to Earth than usual. This astrologically adds to the potency.

Full Moon: The Sun is currently Taurus, the opposite sign to Scorpio. Therefore, the Sun will fully illuminate our moon to create a beautiful glowing circle in the sky.

Scorpio: In short, Scorpio is a fixed, water sign with yin polarity and is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation. In essence, Scorpio is intense, deep, and powerful, everything about this energy is on whole other level.

Degrees: The constellations of the Zodiac are aligned on a 360 degree circle known as an Ecliptic. This ecliptic orbits around our Solar System and the planets, the asteroids, the Sun and our moon align with them in different positions.

Aspects: Essentially aspects are a fancy way of saying angles. In astrology these aspects impact the planets in different ways. It’s like a transfer of energy; In a trine (triangle, 120 degrees) its free flowing and easy, in a square (right angle, 90 degrees) there is a blockage or a difficult pathway that can be overcome with work, for an opposition (opposite, 180 degrees) there is opposing powers at play , a struggle if you will and a conjunction (beside, within 10 degrees) which means that they both impact one another that of which has the lesser degree is the one that takes over (in most cases, unless Saturn or the sun is involved, well really there are a few variables). There are more aspects that are impactful on energetic flow between planets, but these are the most important for you to know right now.

Super Full Moon in Scorpio

There are many aspects at play during this super full moon in Scorpio. The Sun in Taurus currently conjunct Uranus, Venus and Mercury with Black Moon Lilith more widely positioned. The grouping of three or more entities is referred to as a stellium. This stellium opposes the moon in Scorpio (which means all of these planets do), and they also square Saturn in Aquarius. (There is also sextile with Mars in Leo but that’s for another day).

In short, the planetary alignment of Super Full Moon in Scorpio is calling on us to transform and release, to shed our low vibration and transform into the highest deity of Scorpio, the Phoenix. Rise from the ashes to lead our lives in alignment with our true self and pursue what brings us joy.

The catch. As with everything in life, no good comes without work, no triumph comes without tension and this powerful transformation is no exception. Scorpio rules over the eighth house of other people’s money and divorce, what we hide from others and what we hide from ourselves, matters of occult and deepened sexual energy and as full moons illuminate what is hidden, you should expect old wounds to be opened, secrets to be revealed and hidden fantasies to be uncovered. This full moon is no burden though, for it does bring greatness, it allows you to see your worth, acknowledge your power, tap into the deep waters within and find what you have been searching for all along, your true and pure self. Use the opposing energy of Taurus to ground yourself, open your heart and speak your truth. Additional Notes: If you have any planets at seven degrees or a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) expect this energy to be further amplified. The planetary ruler of Scorpio is going retrograde (appearing to travel backwards) on this day, which asks for a more inward reflection creating a richer effect.

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