The Natural Born Leader

You are the Life Path 1

Calculated from our full dates of birth, the life path number offers us insight to our mission in this life. Life path numbers speaks to our true purpose in this life. Each number holds their own unique vibration and values, strengths and weaknesses and thus can be likened to our Sun Sign in Astrology.

Your life path number can be any number from 1 to 9 or one of the three master numbers of 11, 22 and 33.

Once you know your number you can begin to understand the unique qualities and energies that you can bring to your journey and thus help you along your life’s true path.

Life Path 1

The Natural Born Leader

The number one in its physical presence stands alone, it is a singular stroke in and of itself, which showcases the true energy of a life path one. The spark that ignites, number one is the first digit and leads the way for the others to follow and so to are you if you’re a life path 1.

Ruled by the sun, the light of our solar system and that of which gives life to other planets, life path number one is born to shine destined to be looked up to by others.

With a pioneering spirit and a true zest for life you are the purposeful achiever and natural born leader. You have a tendency be stubborn and a resistance to dictatorship, for you are the one who wants to call the shots.

The humanitarian, you are destined to inspire and to heal others, gifting them with your higher ideals and optimism. Life path 1, it is your purpose in this life is to stand firm to your core values and beliefs, it is your birthright to originate new ideas and methods and most potently and importantly it is your duty to share them with the world.

Your active yet organised mind is filled with ideas and with your innate determination and industrious dedication it is essential that you turn them into a reality. Here to better humanity you must surrender trust and ultimately allow yourself to rise to the top, for that is where you belong. With soul that yearns to be seen and a need to be celebrated for your accomplishments, you are the leader, you are the life path number 1.


Entrepreneur, Coach, Writer, Inventor, Engineer, Designer, Politician, Freelancer, Architect

Fellow Life Path 1

Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Lady Gaga, Martin Luther King. Jr, Elizabeth Hurley, George Washington, Tom Hanks

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