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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Beaver Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

On the 19th of November at 7:04pm AEST the Sun at 27° Scorpio will and oppose the Moon at 27° Taurus with the Earth placed directly between these entities. Naturally with the eclipse, the moon and the sun both conjunct the nodes at 1° of Sagittarius and Gemini.

This Lunar Eclipse is one for the books for it is the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years! At 3 Hours, 28 Minutes, the length of this timely astrological event showcases the affect that it will have on us mere mortals, but the world as whole.

"Whatever comes, allow it, what ever goes, let it, this moon is karmic and brings with it blessings for all."

Lunar Eclipses affect us all, as we are each governed moon. A lunar eclipse brings us home, to our family, and intimate relationships, it highlights what we need to release, uncovers what has been hidden from us and reveals what we ourselves, have hidden. With such sensitive subjects under the spotlight our energy becomes drained, and our emotions heightened.

There is also an added stress with this particular Lunar Eclipse as six planets are placed within fixed signs, and powerfully connecting to this astrological event. Fixed energy is stagnant and stubborn, yet reliable and realistic, for it allows us to embrace challenges and showcase our expertise.

Ultimately, this lunation brings death and rebirth. Aligning with Algol, the star of destruction and liberation, what we have been made to suppress to ‘fit in’ this world as well as making a conjunction with highly advanced feminine energy of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades reminds us to release our ego to create change. The trine with Pluto in Capricorn sees this full moon eclipse further highlight that the time for transformation is nigh. It is time to flow, time to listen and time to trust our intuition. Tap into your deeper senses, your feminine energy (both men and women) favour nourishment over action and connect with the magik within.

When we see events like this unfold, it is also important to look at placement of the planetary rulers and aspects at play to get a better understanding of what is in store for us and how to best work with the energies in the sky, as above, so below.

"As with all Eclipses, there is a shift of principles and clearing of rigid belief patterns that no longer serve us. A karmic revival and in some cases an undoing. It is a release of the old, to usher in a new."

Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus is making her way through the hardworking earth sign of Capricorn, offering us a renewed sense of self confidence and presenting with a whole new level of strength. She is calling us to dig our heels in and harness the unflappable, loyal, and oh so stubborn, stoic energy of Taurus.

The exact trine Venus is making to Uranus in Taurus is liberating! With Mars (happily placed) in Scorpio making connections to both planets, through both a sextile and an opposition we are being gifted with the drive and determination, passion and perseverance to capture the rebellious energy of Uranus and make the changes we need create the life we want. In simple terms, these aspects are literally bringing power of change, of transformation and of liberation. Highlighting our personal relationships with the positive connections between Mars and Venus it is time to stand true to your convictions, embrace the changes and honour yourself with asking…

What am I ready to own? What is it that I truly value? What are you willing to let go of?

What is it that I want in my relationships? What part of my life am I willing to transform?

Who is going to move forward with you in your life, and who do you need to let go of?

You are on time and you are ready!

The support of your transition and ultimately you transformation is being further supported by the T Square that this lunation is making with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in Aquarius.

As with all Eclipses, there is a shift of principles and clearing of rigid belief patterns that no longer serve us. A karmic revival and in some cases undoing. It is a release of the old, to usher in a new.

We will see relationships ending and partnerships coming together for the very first time (even if married for many years). We will see joy radiate from the darkest of places. Whatever comes, allow it, what ever goes, let it, this moon is karmic and brings with it blessings for all.

The key message of this astrological event is to trust in the unfolding and surrender to the greater plan.

Remember to ground yourself with creativity and fun, entertain with those closest to you and let your childlike energy shine with the bold and ever so beautiful energy of Leo.

This Beaver Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is most potent to those with late (22° - 29°) fixed sign placements, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius as well as early (1° - 3°) mutable sign placements Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Taurus Suns like myself 25° - 29°, this is your Lunar Return eclipse, thus it will impact you for the next year, so take care of your health, be conscious of this text and move forward with joy in every step.


Full Moon: The Sun is currently Scorpio the opposite sign to Taurus. Therefore, the Sun fully illuminates our moon to create a beautiful glowing circle in the sky.

Lunar Eclipse A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth, sun and moon align in space, with Earth between the sun and moon. The Earth’s shadow falls on the full moon, darkening the moon’s face and turning it a coppery or Blood red. The moon travels its on path around the earth, but four times a year it aligns with the ecliptic, which is the orbit of constellations that we know as zodiac signs. When the moon aligns with the North or South Nodes a Lunar Eclipse in inevitable.

Beaver Moon: According to folklore, the Full Moon in November is named after beavers who become active while preparing for the winter. It is also known as Frosty Moon, and along with the December Full Moon some called it Oak Moon. Traditionally, if the Beaver Moon is the last Full Moon before the winter solstice, it is also called the Mourning Moon.

Scorpio In short, Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign with a yin polarity. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of Transformation, Death and Rebirth, and co ruled by Mars, the planet of Passion, Scorpio is a highly transformative energy, that is both realistic and oh so determined. At a lower vibration Scorpio carries a vindictive and emotionally unstable energy, that brings about obsession and tremendous jealousy.

Taurus In short, Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign with a yin polarity, it is ruled by Venus the planet of sensual pleasures, beauty and materials. In essence, the high vibration Taurus, is a hard working, reliable, loyal and oh so focused individual that created their own reality, whereas at a lower vibration, they are stubborn, superficial and very very lazy.

Degrees: The constellations of the Zodiac are aligned on a 360 degree circle known as an Ecliptic. This ecliptic orbits around our Solar System and the planets, the asteroids, the Sun and our moon align with them in different positions.

Aspects: Essentially aspects are a fancy way of saying angles. In astrology these aspects impact the planets in different ways. It’s like a transfer of energy; In a trine (triangle, 120 degrees) its free flowing and easy, in a square (right angle, 90 degrees) there is a blockage or a difficult pathway that can be overcome with work, for an opposition (opposite, 180 degrees) there is opposing powers at play , a struggle if you will and a conjunction (beside, within 10 degrees) which means that they both impact one another that of which has the lesser degree is the one that takes over (in most cases, unless Saturn or the sun is involved, well really there are a few variables). There are more aspects that are impactful on energetic flow between planets, but these are the most important for you to know right now.

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